Equanimity Private Retreat House


Find Equanimity with ocean views,
gentle sounds of nature and the essences of flowers,
with the support of no microwave radiation . . .
no wifi, no smart meters.

Our intention is to provide a place of reconnection to renew and restore.

Carmel Highland Essence Healing ~
experience energy in balance

Too many of us suffer from a busy lifestyle and pace of a modern world run amok.
Our immune system weakened by microwave radiation and of the wireless world. We are best able to heal ourselves when we can unplug, recharge and become clear enough to reconnect with our natural state of being. Having a place of refuge, a private home for retreat and recovery is essential.

The “Equanimity House in the Carmel Highlands is such a place. A place of balance, with organic vegetarian cuisine, the subtle healing of flower essences as well as compassionate support to address and assist each individuals’ unique healing process.

Two private rooms, the Lotus Room” and the Rose Room”, are available for short or longer term healing-recharging retreats.

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One thought on “Equanimity Private Retreat House

  1. Next Rose Room avail?
    Now in Bakersfield

    11yr brain-fog constantly but noticed relief passing thru remote areas


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